Sunday, 19 May 2013

International Spoon Swap!

So i belong to a group on Facebook who love everything to do with green woodworking and making spoons.
Last year I went to a great little event in Edale Called Spoonfest, a first of its kind.  About 100 or so people leaning and sharing skills in how to make spoons.  So part of this new Facebook group was to go the next step and set up the first International spoon swap.  Where like minded carvers, craftsmen and women make a spoon each and send to someone else across the other side of the world.  Well actual mine went just down the road to Devon but you get the idea.  The recipient of my spoon didn't know who was making it and I didn't know who I was to receive one from!  All very exciting.
Well I loved participating in this event and hope there's one next year.  Its a great way to learn from other great crafts people.

So here are a few pics of my finished spoon, made from cherry and finished with flax oil. The spoon also shows my makers mark which I must thank Nigel leach for in helping me design it, another great spoon maker.

check him out here  he makes things to order if you were ever interested in commissioning any pieces from him.

Thanks again I hope you like the spoon.

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